I love studying scripture and teaching from the lessons and experiences God is walking me through. I want others to know they are not alone, we are weaved together by a common thread:

I struggle. You struggle. We all struggle.

Yet in our real life struggles and situations, we all have hope. I am passionate about bringing God’s Word to life so that it meets us where we are, in the middle of our situations. By using stories and examples that everyone identifies with, we will laugh together, cry together, learn together and best of all, experience Jesus together.


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Speaking Topics:

The Focus We Feed

The direction of our focus determines the direction of our faith.

There are moments in life when we feel defeated and discouraged by our circumstances. It can invade our hearts and minds and leave us in a heap of frustration. Our thoughts are a powerful tool that either lead us to our purpose or away from it. In this teaching, we will learn to shift our focus in practical ways in order to live out the life God created us to live. By shifting our focus, we can shift our future. Together we will:

•      Discover what the Bible teaches us about intentional thinking
•      Identify the lies and false belief systems that derail our destiny
•      Learn the power of defining our “why” and enjoy the freedom that comes with it

Subtopics include: strongholds, believing lies, surrender


This Is What I Know

Removing the labels that stick like a tick.

Nothing holds us back more than who we think we should be. We can carry around labels for far too long. Before we know if, we’ve become someone God never intended us to be. Why do we give others permission to define us? With all the voices shouting at us, how do we know which one is God? To be defined by God, we must be refined by Him. This message highlights when to:

•      Guard your heart
•      Stop stroking demons
•      Tune into the right voice

Subtopics include: shame, moving on, hearing God

Look again

It's not what we see, but how we see it.

We don’t have to avoid difficult situations and people to keep our happy place, happy. In this teaching, we will learn we have the ability to find Jesus in places others don’t. There was a method to the madness when he said, “seek and you will find.” Too often we give up and fall short before we fall into His perfect plan. Let’s shift from asking why to asking what. This message will address:

•      how to use a bad attitude as a good strategy
•      ditch the desire to be a “fixer” and hand it over to God
•      seize control of out of control feelings
•      respond in wisdom

Subtopics include: perspective, control, blame

Worry About Yourself

Leaning into the Lord before launching out to do His work.

Do you ever get so busy you don’t have time for God? Life can get rushed and hectic, we start running on empty in every area. If your soul is as tired and your mind is spent, it’s time to stop and evaluate what’s missing in the day to day. We can get so caught up in doing, we stop dreaming. It’s possible we are going in circles because we’ve failed to slow down and notice the direction signs God put up for us. Together we will journey through scripture and establish:

•    How we connect with God in life changing ways
•    Practical things we can do to encounter His love
•    What worship does for our weary hearts 

Subtopics include: rest, peace, balance

A Very Brave Yes

Committing to a process of becoming over being.

God has called us all. We feel a nudge, are entrusted with something we feel unqualified for or burn with passion to make a difference. So often God will open door or set us on a path that we aren’t resourced, trained or tenured in. What do we do when we feel scared, alone or inadequate to fulfill the dreams pounding on our hearts? We will discuss how to:

•      Separate our courage from our circumstance
•      Break up with perfect and commit to the process
•      Shed fear and just do it! Do something where you are with what you have.

Subtopics include: fear, obedience, comparison

All In

Living authentically, trusting outrageously.

There's a fine line between Godly desire and selfish ambition. We can put so much energy into chasing the appearance of perfection and trying to measure up, we miss out on real relationships. It’s time to take off the masks and quit marinating in our mistakes. How will we have true, heart to heart connections when we are afraid to allow others to see the real us- strengths and weaknesses? We will discover a few key principles to walking in complete freedom:

•    Inviting honest feedback
•    Surrounding yourself with right relationships
•    Pursuing the promises of God

Subtopics include: discouragement, doubt, community, freedom



What others are saying:

"Kristin is passionate about leading people to a deeper relationship with God. She is very practical in her teachings and her southern accent endears people to her!"

-David Calderon, Worship Pastor at Westover Hills, San Antonio, Texas

"When Kristin speaks she has the rare gift of effectively relating to her audience. She addresses the real issues and struggles people face on a daily basis, and teaches how to practically apply the Word of God to overcome these challenges."

-James Dodd, Director at Strategic Church Planting, Thomasville, North Carolina
"Kristin has a way of dissecting the Word of God and then delivering those truths in such a dynamic way that is individual to her. She is passionate about the Scriptures and teaching others to hear the voice of God. She is genuine and authentic. Her love for Jesus shines through each time she speaks."

-Lindsey Calderon, Worship Pastor at Westover Hills, San Antonio, Texas

Kristin is as authentic as they come. Her relationship with Christ is so contagious. You will be challenged, uplifted and encouraged every time."

-Abby McLaughlin, Student Pastor at Church By The Glades, Coral Springs, Florida
"Every time I have heard Kristin Bonin speak, I have been captivated by her depth of understanding human nature and the Word of God. She is funny, articulate, and very real. I love this woman!"

-Jean Perdue, Pastors wife at Connect Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Kristin is a fantastic speaker and Bible teacher. It’s clear she knows God’s Word and understands the heartfelt needs of her audience by the way she seamlessly applies real life experiences to accompany whatever she is teaching that not only captivates and engages but encourages her audience."

-BethAnn Foro, Founder of She Believes, Carlsbad, California