When You Do The Right Thing The Wrong Way

So it happens to the best of us…we get ahead of God.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard Him whisper something to me that I forcefully ran down, tackled and and brought it into submission under my will, I’d be a rich woman. Did you get those last few words? My will. There’s often a disconnect between God’s dreams and my schemes. I want so desperately to please Him and carry out the plans He has for me, that I skip the most important part of obedience: doing it HIS way. When we become too anxious to get from here to there without appreciating the in between, we miss the blessing of preparation.

In Genesis 41, we find one of the Bible’s most iconic characters sitting in a prison (but highly favored, I might add) waiting on his freedom. Joseph was a dreamer…literally…and on more than one occasion, he held the keys to the dreams of others. Not only did he dream for himself, but he understood the dreams of others.

The Bible tells us he interpreted a dream for Pharaohs’ cupbearer while they were in prison together and the cupbearer, who was restored back to his position, promised to remember Joseph.

“When two full years had passed, Pharaoh had a dream.” Genesis 41:1

A dream to which Joseph could explain.


Two full years later, the chief cupbearer remembered Joseph. Two. Full. Years. Suddenly the cupbearer recalls the man who spoke peace into his darkest moment. How is that even possible? And why would God even allow him to wait that long?

Discrepancies? He can use those! And rest assured, no man can stand in the way of God’s plans. Joseph had a destiny with a high price tag. It required a certain kind of man to fulfill the promise he had. Possibly the kind of man who needed to sit in prison for two more years while his character was being shaped and lessons were being learned and his identity was being revealed. I can only imagine what was done within his heart in the waiting. I’m confident of one thing: he didn’t allow what was or wasn’t happening around him to take away from who was working through him.

Isn’t it a relief to know that even when our circumstances blur our vision, they don’t affect His?

Yes, He will give us a glimpse of what is to come. He’ll call us, no doubt. But we must recognize that callings are not commands to go do something different. Callings are so that we will see ourselves differently. They are a glimpse of what is to come so that you can begin to pray for the character needed to sustain the calling. The pit prepares you for prestige. Prison prepares you for the palace. Seasons change at the the hand of God and transition takes place when He calls it forth.

Will you wait as long as he sees fit? Will you let Him test you so He can trust you?