Wife, mom, pastor, teacher, friend.

Kristin Bonin is a speaker and author based in Houston, TX. She writes and speaks from her own personal challenges, struggles and lessons the Lord is teaching her along the way. She’s just a girl who has fallen in love with the idea of making God famous and has decided to chase hard after Him in hopes that others will too.

She is the author of Bare Naked Truths, a contributing author at She Believes, a blogger and an ordained minister. After receiving her Bachelors Degree in teaching from Sam Houston State University, she continued her education to earn a Ministerial Studies Diploma through Berean School of the Bible at Global University. These two worlds collided to spark a passion to be both a student and teacher of God’s word.

Kristin leans into her love of scripture and authenticity to share the word of God in way that makes it tangible and applicable in every day life. She is also a wife, mom, pastor, teacher and friend with a deep understanding of what it means to wear many hats. However, her most important role is being a child of God and she wants others to know theirs is too.

Her message is just that: to awaken a real faith in a real world.

Enough about all that stuff that makes me sound professional and more about just me.

My Passion.

I’m a southern grown, Jesus girl with a love for things that will turn your teeth yellow: coffee, sweet tea & the occasional Dr. Pepper.

There is nothing more precious to me than my faith. I’ve had to fight for it, wrestle with it and learn what it is in the most uncomfortable ways. Where would this world be without the hope of a Savior? I write, speak, and lead others into finding their identity in Christ. However, one of my most favorite things to do on this planet is teach the Bible. My heart is to inspire others to embrace the greatness that God has placed inside of them. So whether you found this page by accident or if you are here on purpose, I hope and pray that this will be a place that encourages you to be all that He has created you to be. Be Real. Be Free. Be You.


My People.

My husband, Chris, is a business owner and one of a kind guy with an endless supply of puns. Most women can say their husbands are “hopeless romantics,” I can say mine is a hopeless practical joker with a never ending list of ideas that feed his mischievous ways. We have stories, upon stories, upon stories. He puts up with me when I’m acting girly, let’s me control the playlist in the car and only objects to what’s on TV when it’s football season. I don’t think he had a clue what He was getting into when he said, I do, but he is entirely patient and steadfast. Our family couldn’t ask for a better spiritual leader. He teaches me something new every day simply by the way he lives life.

We have two girls…I always wanted to be a girl mom! They are our greatest blessings and bring us our biggest challenges. Trying to navigate motherhood has taught me more about Jesus than I ever set out to learn. The biggest lesson: I need Him! Any time spent with them are moments I treasure. They are incredibly fun, creative and contain enough personality to span the state of Texas.

We recently purchased a few acres where we plan to build our Farmhouse of Faith. Be sure to follow along on social media and check back for updates as we begin this crazy adventure.


My Prayers.

If Jesus taught us anything, it’s that people matter. They are his greatest love and number one priority. We matter to God and we must matter to each other.

My prayer is that the Lord would give us a heart for people: hurt people, fake people, manipulative people, healthy people, lost people, saved people, broken people and every kind in between. What if we asked God to help us look past the surface and into the soul? I think He would give us divine encounters and strategic relationships. He would increase our capacity to love and serve the ones He holds so dear. True life change would take place. May our hearts beat for what His heart beats for: people.

I would love to connect with you on social media & hear from you. Please let me know how I can be praying for you.